Wake Up Confident Everyday, Knowing Exactly How To Keep Scaling Your Business

The Coaching Accelerator Program

The Ultimate Marketing Course For Coaches

  • Full system setup by us!
  • Generate leads in 60 min/day
  • Operate your business on less than $80/month 
  • Create a strong business foundation in 3 days or less
  • Succeed with free or low-cost marketing strategies
  • Consistently convert prospects to high-ticket-clients

Why should you learn from us?

To start off, we are not special or have a long fancy education to brag about. 

We have something more important. 

- We walked the path ourselves first. 

Sitting by the kitchen table in front of your computer crying due to that nothing works? 

Been there. 

Trying to endlessly message random people in order to get sales calls without any luck?

Been there too. 

Up until today, we have spent more than $500.000 on advertising and generated close to $5 million in revenue. 

We went from being a nobody to one of the top marketing agencies in our niche in less than 18 months.

As well as started our own successful coaching company in Scandinavia.

Everything that we will teach you, we have done ourselves. 

We just deliver it to you with less tech and less marketing expenses. 

So you can be successful too. 

We hope you enjoy the ride!

/Frida & Andreas
Easy Marketing Lovers, Up Marketing

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